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Asperger Solutions

Therapy and coaching services to promote the social, academic, and workplace success of individuals of all ages and stages with Asperger’s, high-functioning Autism, ADHD, non-verbal learning disorders, and similar conditions.

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College Coaching Plus

The transition from high school and college can be daunting for any young adult, but those with Asperger Syndrome can be particularly challenged, especially since there are little, if any, built in supports — no IEP, no Committee on Special Education, no speech-language therapy or other related services provided. Many institutions of higher learning have inadequate resources for college students with disabilities. At this age, social savvy and the ability to communicate with peers and professors are particularly essential, and being able to organize, initiate and execute projects to completion are necessary survival skills at school. College coaching, with techniques and strategies that best work for the Asperger population, can help smooth the process. Carole Kornsweig was trained by Dr. Lynda Geller in “College Coaching for Students with Asperger’s.”

The “Plus” under this service heading, refers to the addition of services that address the academic-related issues common to Asperger syndrome that result from insufficient verbal reasoning and critical thinking skills; provided by Carole Kornsweig, MACCC/SLP under the umbrella of her Speech-Language Pathology services.

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Making Asperger’s Work

Solutions for individuals who lack the social competence and executive functioning skills required in the workplace environment. Additionally, help may be provided for dealing with the negative sensory stimuli in the workplace environment. Read more in Success-Oriented Communication.

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Childen with Asperger’s

Speech and language therapy for these youngsters focuses on social thought processes within social contexts that impact social functioning and pragmatic language development.

Developing social thinking skills ultimately ties into comprehension of increasingly complex and abstract verbal reasoning and critical thinking skills that in turn relate to the literacy skills of reading comprehension and narrative-to-expository wring skills.

Children can learn strategies to improve organization of their belongings, getting homework accomplished and other aspects of life requiring executive functioning skills.

Treatment may also be directed toward improved tones of voice, prosody and vocal modulation that are often different or inappropriate in children with Asperger’s.