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What is “Coaching?”

How is it different from therapy?

The coaching model respects the individual’s capability of making changes that he/she/they desire with guidance and support. The person being coached is active in the decision process regarding goals the coach works along with the seeker to develop strategies to achieve those goals. Therapy goals, on the other hand, are generally determined by the therapist, based on certain criteria.

Asperger Solutions was created for people such as those with Asperger Syndrome, or simply those who have similar challenges–such as social communication and executive functioning in a manner that respects each as an individual– to help them discover ways to succeed in school, college, at work or with relationships

Gender-Authentic Voice and Communication training is not Voice Therapy, because there is no pathology of the vocal cords that require healing. These client-centered programs integrate vocal techniques, speaking patterns and body language customized to the trainees preferences.

Success-Oriented Communication Coaching helps the individual elevate their speech and communication skills for a more successful personal and professional presentation through clearer, more refined speech, more desirable and powerful voices, and more effective interpersonal and professional communication skills.