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Dynamic Diction

This coaching service is geared to those looking for speech improvement. it involves correcting general difficulty in speech production, including practices such as mumbling and speaking too quickly… or dropping word endings… or trailing off the ends of sentences… or simply mispronouncing one’s words.

Sometimes there is a speech impediment that exists due to unsuccessful or unavailable speech therapy or speech correction classes in one’s youth. While these practices may stem from a variety of reasons, all trainees will gain awareness of their speech practices and learn how to change them, so that their talent will be the focus.

Precise speech pronunciation, or as some might say, clear enunciation of ones’ words, allows the speaker to be confident in their speaking ability… realizing his/her potential as contributors to the organizations for which they work.

Custom Programs

The hallmark of CLK Speech is the customization of programs to meet the needs of the company or individual desiring better speech.  Let me assess your needs and come up with creative solutions that are designed with YOUR needs in mind.

Solutions for Dynamic Diction May Include

  • Crisp Consonants
  • The Right Rate
  • All about Vowels
  • The “R”
  • The “S”

The above solutions can be delivered on a private, group, or workshop basis. However, there are some areas of this training that require private training. Contact CLK Speech for more information.