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Vibrant Voices

Did you know that your voice “says” more about you—and conveys your message stronger—than the very words you say?

A shrill and abrasive—or tiny and timid—or whiny and nasal voice can override anything the person might be saying and give the wrong impression. When your voice is properly utilized, then it will say the best things about you.

Even professional speakers and motivational speakers who may have mastered strong and effective voices often end up losing them if they do a great deal of public speaking without proper voice training.

Trainees will learn strategies for modulating or projecting their voice, raising or lowering pitch, and improving tone and eliminating monotones. They will also learn techniques to promote vocal cord health.

The result is more empowered speaking voices, more interesting delivery, and longer lasting voices…

Custom Programs

The hallmark of CLK Speech is the customization of programs to meet the needs of the company or individual desiring better speech.  Let me assess your needs and come up with creative solutions that are designed with YOUR needs in mind.

Solutions for Vibrant Voices May Include

  • Finding Your Voice
  • Vocal Hygiene (for the public speaker)
  • Vocal Variety (for presentations, meetings)
  • Projection

The above solutions can be delivered in a private, group or workshop format. However, often the training requires a private format. Contact CLK Speech to find out the appropriate option for service delivery.