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You have questions

You, or someone you care about (often, not always, your child), are having some challenges concerning speech, language, voice, social skills/communication or executive functioning skills, and the related ability to function in school, work, or social environments.

You may have questions about your…

2-year-old who hasn’t said his first word. (see language therapy)
3-year-old who only you can understand. (see speech therapy)
4-year-old who is stuttering. (see stuttering)

Or seek answers for your…

8-year-old who is struggling in school. (see learning and literacy, processing & cognition)
9-year-old with braces, tongue thrust, and a lisp. (see orofacial myology)
“Scattered” middle-school child who can’t organize himself, much less an essay. (see executive functioning skills)
High school student who can’t “read between the lines” with people or literature. (see social cognition, Critical Thinking, Asperger Solutions)
Spouse, or parent, who has trouble expressing him/herself after a stroke. (see aphasia)

Or perhaps support is needed for someone with Asperger Syndrome…

A youngster who can’t make friends (see Social Cognition, Social Communication. Asperger Solutions)
A college student experiencing academic, social, and time management stresses. (see Asperger Solutions —College Coaching)
An adult finding and maintaining successful employment, and relationships. (see Making Asperger’s Work)

Maybe you want to…

Speak more fluently (see Stuttering)
Regain your clear voice (see Voice Therapy)
Modify your voice to match your gender identity. (see Gender Spectrum Voice and Communication)

Or you are seeking to better yourself, or employee(s) with…

Improved speech (see Dynamic Diction)
Reduced accent (see Accent Modification)
Effective speaking (see Smarter Speaking)
A more powerful voice (see Vibrant Voices)
Listening Skills, Interpersonal Communication or “Small Talk” (see Social Savvy)

The causes can vary

The challenge often comes as a result of as a developmental disorder, congenital disorder, mental condition, a neurological disorder, an accident or injury, but often the physiological basis for the challenge is not clear, but in some way just a difference in “wiring.” Some etiologies include the Autism Spectrum, Down Syndrome, Stroke, Brain Tumor or Brain Injury, ADHD, Cleft Palate, Oro-Myofunctional Disorders, Auditory and Cognitive Disabilities. (Often there is no “disorder” at all, but a desire for personal development.) The causes can and often overlap. The nature can change or manifest differently over time, and in different ways. (see Overview of Conditions)

And you are looking for answers, and they too are varied.

CLK Speech provides answers in the form of diagnostic assessments, treatment, support, and coaching for a wide range of challenges within the Speech-Language Pathology scope of practice to individuals of all ages; and as a consultant to the medical, related therapies, educational, advocacy, and business communities.