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For more than 35 years in private practice, she has touched the lives – and been touched by – the children and adults under her care.

Danny came to you just little over a year ago saying only about two words to now speaking in full sentences. I also recall when we took him to the ENT Specialist who was so impressed that you wrote a letter to him explaining what your concerns were. He stated “in my twenty years of practice I’ve never had a speech pathologist write a letter”. For me it showed your genuine concern for Daniel and your willingness to go above and beyond to help him reach his goals.”

I am deeply appreciative of Carole’s work with my son. She is knowledgeable, resourceful, and nurturing. Carole took into consideration my son’s learning style, preferences and personality to cater the sessions to match his needs. She consistently communicated my son’s progress and was always available if I needed help or had a question. My son has a hard time adjusting to new people and he took to Carole right away. Even though they are not working together, he still talks about her — which is a BIG deal for him! I will always be grateful for Carole’s relationship and work with son! Thank you, Carole!”

In the business world, where communication skills are of crucial essence, Carole’s classes were invaluable. Her personal approach to my specific language problems, combined with deep knowledge and extensive experience, helped me improve my English pronunciation. Taking Carole’s classes was a great idea, a lot of fun and an excellent investment, which will continue paying off years to come.”

One element that stands out for me in Carole’s teaching approach is how she extensively customizes her methods for my specific needs and improvises those methods based on how well those methods are working. I also find that she is able to easily relate with me when I have difficulty picking some of the nuances involved and she uses that understanding to devise specific solutions for tackling those issues.”

As a transgender woman, it was very difficult for me to find a speech therapist assist me with the pitch of my voice and a more feminine style of speaking. She made no promises except to work with me if I was willing to work with her and practice. I was amazed how much my voice changed in pitch and how much my accent declined. I used her services for a year or so and was tremendously satisfied with the results. I contact her every now and again to brush up my skills. She is a very dedicated, wonderful, professional individual whom I highly recommend for services. She is second to none! I am so privileged to have worked with her, and I am eternally grateful for the magic she worked on my voice. I no longer get mis-gendered on the phone! It saved my job as a receptionist and boosted my confidence.”